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T. Ditch / Dec 17, 2018 / Operational Updates

Attention Task Force Aspis,The department of Defense has ordered Task Force Aspis into a temporary operational draw down over the Christmas period, before the starting of readiness exercise bronze moon. (this means no LOAs or mandatory Sunday even...

T. Ditch / Nov 05, 2018 / Operational Updates

All Task force personal,We will be assisting 3/10 special forces group along with attached assets in a joint operation on Tanoamore information will be on event page.Mod list:* WAR...

T. Ditch / Oct 19, 2018 / Technical Updates

Attention all,Update core and functions And add ACRE and CBA to your modlist like above.turn off your tfar teamspeak plugin and switch on the ACRE one, this should be installed automatically on game launch with ACRE For the first time.