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Operation Gold Mountain X

Date: May 04, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: J. Graafland
Category: Deployment
Official Side Mission
Zeus: J. Graafland

A small Southbound offensive conducted by the 15th MEU in an effort to drive TKA forces closer to Dilshad has faced an unexpected and severe problem. The Takistani forces in the area appeared better equiped than originally estimated.

As the Marines pushed Southbound down the MSR they were suddenly counterattacked by Republican Guard forces using a mix of Artillery, VBIEDs and air and ground assets. After sustaining heavy casualties the marines ended up pulling back across the territory line having had to abandon several of their vehicles.

However these vehicles proofed to not be the only thing left behind as the following morning the Takistani propaganda news networks proudly telivised Republican Guards parading 4 US marines down the streets of Dilshad infront of civilian onlookers. After further investigation we believe these marines to be the crew of an Abrams that was damaged and left behind during the assault.
> Matt Cooper
> David Johnson
> Marc Nelson
> Kevin Lee

In the broadcast the Republican Guard also proudly displayed what we believe to be advanced foreign lend lease equipment in the form of two T-90 tanks pictured below. If these are truely T-90 tanks then they would be the most advanced vehicles in the enemy's arsenal and they could pose a severe threat to further operations in the area.

Therefore Task Force Aspis has been tasked with:

- finding and liberating the captive marines:

- Finding and destroying advanced enemy armoured assets.

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D. Flynn
R&U on the attendance policy, I'll do my best to test my game this weekend. I really want to participate in this one.
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