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Operation Gold Mountain XI

Date: May 05, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: J. Graafland
Category: Deployment
Official Side Mission continuation
Zeus: J. Graafland


Operatives from Task Force Aspis raided Takistani positions South of Dilshad in an effort to rescue captured marines and confirming the pressence of T-90s in the AO and if possible destroying them.

The operation was a partial succes, the marines have been retrieved from Takistani captivity, the Republican Guard forces in the area sustained heavy casualties and the pressence of T-90 tanks in the country was confirmed.

During the battle one of the T-90s and the acompanying Republican Guard engineer and fuel detachments were destroyed by coalition air assets failing to destroy several more armoured vehicles.

Realising their armour depot wasn't secure for further operations and with a lack of fuel supplies we presume the Takistani forces would either retreat the assets or commit them on the frontline. As it turned out they went with the latter option as atleast one T-90 tank was deployed in a Republican Guard counter attack against coalition forces near the territory line.

The tanks helped the Republican Guard with inflicting heavy casualties on the defenders proofing once more these tanks are a severe threat to further frontline operations and must be destroyed. However without the proper engineer assets the T-90 crew was unable to repair damage sustained during the fight in the field and it is currently halted in a TKA FOB awaiting for further engineers to arrive from the capital, being a stationary target it is now vulnerable to attack.

The TKA ofcourse knows this and moved additional assets into the area to protect it as they wait for the engineers to arrive, these assets include several AA threats meaning we can't strike the tank untill the AA pieces in the area are destroyed.

This is where the task force comes in, your primary tasks are:

>Infiltrating the AO.

> locating and destroying the surrounding AA positions.

While your secondary objective consist out of:

>Destroying any aditional TKA assets in the area that may hinder the Coalition's war effort as your own discretion.



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