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Operation Gold Mountain XIII

Date: May 11, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: J. Graafland
Category: Deployment
Official Side Mission
Zeus: J. Graafland

With the end of our invasion of Takistan drawing ever closer as the TKA's equipment and fighting spirit are running low from weeks worth of continuous fighting our coalition needs to start thinking about what to do next with the country itself, our best solution would be to put the GreenFor loyalist rebels in charge of the country once the military regime collapses but there is a problem, even as we continue to push closer to the Takistani capital the TKA is still dedicating a large number of special units to snuff out the spark of rebellion from the Greenfor rebels.

As far as we gathered from local politicians and village elders who were arrested after turning CivPop hostile against coalition forces there is a special branch of commandos put in place to hunt down rebels, their supporters and anyone who speaks ill of the government. We believe the fear of this special task force is what is keeping most politicians, officers, and civilians loyal to the regime. The man in charge of this task force is colonel Rifat el-Sabir code-named ''Fisherman'', he is marked in the background of the picture below taken last week.

This man has long been a target for coalition forces as his demise would not only take the pressure of the loyalist forces but also severely demoralize the TKA and their supporters in the civilian population, however, he remained out of our grasp for a while but it appears that is about to change.

From the information we have gathered so far ''Fisherman'' is about to inspect his commandos in Reshmaan province, we currently don't know where exactly he'll be going but we have field agents tracking him and we will brief you on it on the ground.

Loyalist contacts to the coalition have urged that it should be their forces who get to assassinate 'Fisherman' as a propaganda stunt and as a sign of revenge, however, we can't hand over this task to the rebels as they're simply not trained for it. However, we can still give credit to the GREENFOR insurgents by posing as them while we execute the raid.

Because the loyalist rebels are supported by the coalition air support is still viable as we have aided rebel operations with airstrikes in the past.
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