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Task Force Apsis was tasked with eliminating HVT "Fisherman" who was located in the town of Kallista.

Element "Razor 1" got transported from the base into the AO 3 kilometers northwest of the target town and moved on foot to regroup with friendly insurgents to conduct assault at the town. Once "Razor 1" linked up with the insurgent forces we then initiated the assault onto the town with artillery support. When BLUFOR and GREENFOR forces got into the town they were immediately engaged by Russian and Takistani Armed forces who were guarding the outskirts of the town. All the sentries were engaged by BLUFOR forces and eliminated. After that "Razor 1" started moving into the center of the town where a Mosque was located and suspected to be the HQ of Takistani Armed Forces. Razor elements arrived at the Mosque and conducted RAID on the main building resulting in eliminating the HVT "Fisherman" and his Russian and Takistani guards. After the raid "Razor 1" then setup a defensive posture and utilized fortified positions in the center of the town to assist insurgent forces with the assault. During the time "Razor 1" was at the center of the town another Takistani officer was eliminated which was suspected to be the stunt double of the original "Fisherman". After that enemy QRF consisting of TAKISTANI and IRANIAN forces arrived to the town with the support of MI-24 HIND and MI-28 helicopters with the support of 3 infantry squads who were coming from the southwest of the town which were immediately engaged and pushed back by GREENFOR and BLUFOR forces. After an successful assault the town was taken over by insurgent forces and secured. Razor 1 then moved to a warehouse on the west side of town which was heavily guarded which housed two SCUD vehicles which were secured and then blown in place. After that "Razor 1" exfilled out of the AO via helicopter and was transported back to base.
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