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[Pinned] Writing LOA's
Leave of Absence Reports

[Pinned] Writing LOA's

Since its not up yet, I will make a short guide on how to write LOAs. These are subject to change by high-ranking officers.below is a mold for how an LOA should lookName: F. HansenRank: Sergeant First ClassLOA starts (Day/month/year): 01/01/2016L...
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F. Hansen1762Small F. Hansen 2y
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LOA - K.Mitch

Name: K. MitchRank: CPLLOA starts: 4-11-2016LOA ends: 6-11-2016Reason for LOA: Going to see Mate at Uni so will be away for the weekend unsure what time I will be back on the sunday so not sure if I can attend the Operation
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K. Mitch472851Small K. Mitch 1d
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LOA - H.Warfield

This is where i will post my LOA's.
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H. Warfield885799Small J. McKay 5d
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LOA - S. Beveridge

Name: S. BeveridgeRank: TrooperLOA starts (Day/month/year): 20/02/2018LOA ends (d/m/Y) 27/02/2018Reason for LOA: Going to look after a family friend, they’re not well.
Small S. Beveridge 95d
S. Beveridge 4120Small S. Beveridge 5d
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LOA - R. Wood

Name: R. WoodRank: Private First ClassLOA starts (Day/month/year): 15/10/2016LOA ends (d/m/Y) 15/10/2016Reason for LOA: Family party i have to attend so i will not be able to make platoon training, i will be home Saturday night.
Small R. Wood 1y
R. Wood311971Small R. Wood 7d
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LOA - D. Miles

Name: L. CherkasovRank: PFCLOA starts: 15-10-16LOA ends: 15-10-16Reason for LOA: Invited to a birthday party, can't make it to the platoon training
Small D. Miles 1y
D. Miles191084Small D. Miles 7d
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LOA - C. Tucker

Name: C. TuckerRank: PFCLOA starts: 10/28/16LOA ends: 10/29/16Reason for LOA: Can't attend mandatory events on Friday because of school.
Small C. Tucker 1y
C. Tucker261506Small C. Tucker 8d
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LOA - L. Grimes

Posting this on behalf of SPC. L. GrimesName: L. GrimesRank: SpecialistLOA starts (Day/month/year): 24/02/2017LOA ends (d/m/Y) 01/03/2017Reason for LOA: Family reasons (very good ones, he'll tell you about it himself.)
Small H. Warfield 1y
H. Warfield21872Small J. McKay 10d
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LOA - F. Vos

Name: F. VosRank: A/LCplLOA starts (Day/month/year): 09/03/2018LOA ends (d/m/Y) 11/03/2018Reason for LOA: Will be staying in a bungalowpark.
Small F. Vos 81d
F. Vos488Small F. Vos 12d
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LOA - J. McKay

Name: J. McKayRank: Warrant Officer 2nd ClassLOA starts (Day/month/year): 25/03/2018LOA ends (d/m/Y) 25/03/2018Reason for LOA: Lot of schoolwork to complete.Note: Asked Baago to put it here for me in time frame, but he forgot, apologies.
Small J. McKay 62d
J. McKay499Small J. McKay 13d
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LOA - J. Baago

Name: J. BaagoRank: CaptainLOA starts: 15/04/2016LOA ends: 18/04/2016Reason for LOA: Going on a three day MilSim. Pictures will be provided.I'll be dropping some drone video for you guys you can watch on this channel also.
Small J. Baago 2y
J. Baago292662Small J. Baago 13d
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LOA - M. Wolf

Name: M. WolfRank: Private First ClassLOA starts (Day/month/year): 14/09/2017LOA ends (d/m/Y) 18/09/2017Reason for LOA: Traveling
Small M. Wolf 255d
M. Wolf5185Small M. Wolf 15d
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LOA - S. Waller

Name: S. WallerRank: SpecialistLOA starts (day/month/year): 16/09/16LOA ends (day/month/year): 26/09/16Reason for LOA: Moving on the 17th of September and then I have freshers week all week. Also the mods are playing up and I need a break from the...
Small S. Waller 1y
S. Waller392103Small S. Waller 17d
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LOA - P. Mandible

Name: P. MandibleRank: Private first classLOA starts (Day/month/year): 22/05/2016LOA ends (d/m/Y) 10/06/2016Reason for LOA: Having alot of issues regarding my PC and can't participate in any events in the given period of time.Im planning on upgrad...
Small P. Mandible 2y
P. Mandible221557Small H. Warfield 26d
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ELOA - L. Francis

Name:L. FrancisRank: TrooperELOA starts (Day/month/year): 22/04/2018ELOA ends (d/m/Y) 20/06/2018Reason for ELOA: Pre Batus deployment training for opfor and batus excersise included will try and get some ally pictures though of my shitty job
Small L. Francis 37d
L. Francis257Small J. McKay 37d
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LOA - K. Williams

Name: K. WilliamsRank: TprLOA starts (Day/month/year): 13/04/2018LOA ends (d/m/Y) 16/04/2018Reason for LOA: Personal Reasons
Small K. Williams 43d
K. Williams134Small K. Williams 43d
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LOA. D. Flynn

Name: D. FlynnRank: ClassifiedLOA starts (Day/month/year): 03/03/18LOA ends (d/m/Y) 04/03/18Reason for LOA: Going somewhere with family sorry guys, plans came up for a trip to Wales in the last couple hours for tomorrow.
Small D. Flynn 84d
D. Flynn277Small D. Flynn 49d
Leave of Absence Reports

LOA - C. Sherman

Name: C. ShermanRank: Staff SergeantLOA starts (Day/month/year): 06/08/2017LOA ends (d/m/Y) 07/08/2017Reason for LOA: Apologies for this LOA right before an operation, but I've been suffering terrible backpain since last night. I plan to head to t...
Small C. Sherman 293d
C. Sherman5195Small T. Ditch 56d
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LOA-T. Ditch

Name: T. Ditch Rank: SPCLOA starts: 19-8-2016LOA ends: 23-8-2016Reason for LOA: My Headset finally died last night replacement is on its way but won't be here in time for the op.
Small T. Ditch 1y
T. Ditch181163Small T. Ditch 62d
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LOA - C. Tucker

Name: C. TuckerRank: TprLOA starts (Day/month/year): 03-02-2018LOA ends (d/m/Y): 05-02-2018Reason for LOA: He is sick and therefore unable to attend.I am reporting for Tucker due to him not being able to do it himself.
Small F. Vos 111d
F. Vos3107Small F. Vos 111d