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[Pinned] KIA
C1 - Manpower & Personnel

[Pinned] KIA

This thread is being created to track KIA operators, whose bodies have not been retrieved. All IC personnel should post here in case missions result in fatalities and subsequent non-recovery of bodies.
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C1 - Manpower & Personnel

[Pinned] Discharge Request Thread

Pinned for discharge requests.
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[Pinned] "Maybe" (R&U)
C1 - Manpower & Personnel

[Pinned] "Maybe" (R&U)

I have send you this in a message however I will pin it here for future members.For the last time ever, do not set your attendance as maybe on mandatory events (see policies to learn about mandatory events). Either set "yes" or post a LOA if you a...
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C1 - Manpower & Personnel


Beveridge: MOB Noowi. 11:02:2018 - 15:52.Kramer Arrived: MOB Noowi. 11:02:2018 - 15:52.
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C1 - Manpower & Personnel


28/01/2018: M. Wolf (Operation Sunstone I)04/02/2018: I. Garcia (Operation Sunstone II)11/02/2018: Morren11/02/2018: Bolitho18/02/2018: Shreds18/02/2018: Kramer18/02/2018: Graafland08/04/2018: Marinov, Tucker, Vos (no sign-ups), Romanowski15/04/20...
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