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Joint Operation Information & Requests

[Pinned] Joint operation request template

Template to follow if requesting a Joint operation with us:Unit Name:Your Rank & Name:Unit time zone:Website: (if applicable) Teamspeak:Unit Type: (Light Infantry, Paratroopers,etc.)Joint operation Mission: (Dynamic Campaign, Single Operation,...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

[Pinned] Joint Operation Information

Task force aspis will only work with units that maintain an equal level of professionalism and realism.We ask that units interested in joint operations understand and have these requirements before submitting a request as to expedite the process:...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

Joint op with 101st

Unit Name: 101st,502nd PIR,2nd Btn, Easy.CoYour Rank & Name: Maj.D.WintersUnit time zone:GMTWebsite: (if applicable) dont have it but have steam group Type: (Light Infantry, Par...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

3/10 SFG Request

Unit Name: 3rd Battalion 10th SFG Your Rank & Name: CW2 SinghUnit time zone: GMTWebsite: www.10th-sfg.enjin.comTeamspeak: (Password: SFG)Unit Type: SFOD-A with attached assets.Joint operation Mission: Dynamic campaign on Tanoa, ...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

Joint Op request

Unit Name: GRUMECYour Rank & Name: Cabo(Corporal) OliveiraUnit time zone:GMT -3Teamspeak: Type: Special Operations UnitJoint operation Mission: The joint op will occur in 2 days in the weekend (the date will be discussed...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

Upcoming Missions Challenge

Hi GuysThe South African Special Forces Association (SASFA) is putting together an Arma Mission Challenge which will start in July 2018. This is a series of missions that are based on actual missions carried out by the South African Special Forces...
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Joint Operation Information & Requests

Need a small SF detatchment to execute a high risk task.

Unit Name: 539 Assault Squadron, Charlie Company.Your Rank & Name: Major Christopher Drew, Company CommanderUnit time zone: GMTWebsite: Type: Royal MarinesJoint operation ...
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