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After Action Report: OP Vengeance Strike I 2018/08/12

+++Starts+++Who: Razor 1What: Raid on HVT Target "Lucifer"Where: Fjoradane Region, Vidda, NorwayOperational intent was to Raid a disused Airfield in Northern Vidda to capture HVT Callsign "Lucifer". Razor 1 (Future refernce R1) was tasked with the...
Small H. Warfield 5d
H. Warfield123Small H. Warfield 5d

After Action Report: OP Ocean Shield; 25/07/2018

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1(with some razor operators) What: Reconnaissance-in-force for remaining enemy assets in the areaWhere: Africa, Isla Duala, Western islands. Description: Element landed at GR 009082 then moved south east killing a squad siz...
Small T. Ditch 22d
T. Ditch134Small T. Ditch 22d

After Action Report: OP Ocean Shield III, 22/07/2018

+++Starts+++Who: Razor 1What: Raid on local weapons and caches.Where: Africa, Isla Duala, Western island. Description: With the western island being the AO for the task force, the southern portion was designated TAOR Delta. This area was the respo...
Small S. Sperre 25d
S. Sperre132Small S. Sperre 25d

After Action Report: OP Ocean Shield; 21/07/2018

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1What: Direct action Mission on remaining known insurgent areasWhere: Africa, Isla Duala, South eastern islandDescription: Knight element inserted using combat dive to the village of Fishala(GR 033015) this was cleared succ...
Small T. Ditch 28d
T. Ditch139Small T. Ditch 28d

After Action Report: OP Ocean Shield; 20/07/2018
Small T. Ditch 28d
T. Ditch128Small T. Ditch 28d

After Action Report: OP Ocean Shield; 15/07/2018

+++/Starts/+++Who: Hades 7, elements of Knight 1 and Razor 1 (WO2. Ditch, CPL. Tucker, A/LCpl. Waller, Tpr. Mandible, Tpr. Francis)What: Reconnaissance combat patrol on the island of Mangomak.When: 152012JUL18 CJTF elements have outlined 3 key POI...
Small J. McKay 34d
J. McKay135Small J. McKay 34d

After Action Report/Ocean Shield/2018-07-04

Who: Razor 1Where: Isla DualaWhat: Recconaissance2018.07.04 RAZOR 1 Elements arrived at the most South-Western island in Duala, with intent to perform Recconaissance on the island, to find weapon caches, possible HVT presence, or any other valuabl...
Small H. Warfield 44d
H. Warfield133Small H. Warfield 44d

After Action Report: IS-5

Who: Hades 7, Razor 1Where: SAINT KAPULIO PROVINCE, BRAZILWhat: Eliminate HVT Kitchen KnifeElements used Brazilian RHIB type boats for transport to a humanitarian camp, where they assumed the roles of aid workers. Utilizing a humanitarian relief e...
Small J. McKay 62d
J. McKay141Small J. McKay 62d

After Action Report: Operation Impending Salvation 27/05/18

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1, Razor 1, REDACTEDWhere: SAINT KAPULIO PROVINCE, BRAZILWhat: Rescue CIA OperativeA prisoner under the codename "Hatchet" was captured by cartel forces in the region. Intel showed that the cartel makes prisoners do labo...
Small S. Sperre 83d
S. Sperre163Small S. Sperre 83d

After Action Report 11.05.2018

Task Force Apsis was tasked with eliminating HVT "Fisherman" who was located in the town of Kallista.Element "Razor 1" got transported from the base into the AO 3 kilometers northwest of the target town and moved on foot to regroup with friendly i...
Small P. Mandible 99d
P. Mandible285Small J. McKay 98d

After Action Report: Operation Gold Mountain Body Recovery 09/05/18

+++/STARTS/+++Who: Knight 1, Razor 1, Razor 2, Hades 5, REDACTED.Where: Takistan, Reshmaan ProvinceWhat: Recover 5x bodies from Takistani forces prior to them being handed over to the Islamic VanguardA mix of Knight and Razor elements led by Hades...
Small S. Sperre 100d
S. Sperre166Small S. Sperre 100d

After Action Report 03/05/18

+++/Starts/+++Who: Knight 1, Razor 1, Razor 2, Hades 6Where: Takistan, Reshmaan ProvinceWhat: Recon south of Sa' diyah/Recovery of resources from British COPKnight 1 lead and Hades 6 conducted a unsuccessful recon forward mission south got engaged...
Small T. Ditch 106d
T. Ditch164Small T. Ditch 106d

After Action Report 02.05.2018
Small P. Mandible 107d
P. Mandible141Small P. Mandible 107d

After Action Report 30/04/2018

+++/Starts/+++Who: Knight 1, Knight 2, Hades 5Where: Takistan, Reshmaan ProvinceWhat: COP set up mission with subsequent stabilization of eastern territory line.Coalition forces have successfully established a COP in GRD166169, with intent to depl...
Small J. McKay 110d
J. McKay143Small J. McKay 110d

After Action Report: 28/04/18

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1, Razor 1, Where: Takistan, Reshmaan,What:Combat patrol operation in uncleared areasDescription:Combat Patrol was conducted in 2x Humvees and cleared the villages of Efsane , Futun ,Elmas and Jalilhah mostly at night time...
Small T. Ditch 112d
T. Ditch154Small T. Ditch 112d

After Action Report: Operation Gold Mountain VIII 27/04/18

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1, Razor 1, Razor 2Where: Takistan, Reshmaan, Vicinity of the village of TemirahWhat: Kill Takistani Army General Ali Muhammed El-Nuur “Blackbeard”Description:Task force elements moved out from airbase north towards Temir...
Small T. Ditch 113d
T. Ditch489Small J. McKay 112d

After Action Report 24/04/18

Date: 24 April 2018 Following successful operation to capture the NORTHERN RESHMAAN AIRFIELD the TNA garrison in BAHIJAH was overrun in fierce fighting which conti-nued throughout the follow days. Simultaneous offensiv...
Small J. Baago 115d
J. Baago388Small J. Baago 113d

After Action Report 26/03/18

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1, Knight 2, Razor 2Where: Hidu Kush mountain range, Afghan-Pakistan borderWhat: Reconnaissance mission on Cave complex(Grid ref:133914) and surrounding areas Description:Joint Recce element departed from the house on ATVs...
Small T. Ditch 145d
T. Ditch1103Small T. Ditch 145d

After Action Report 02.03.2018
Small P. Mandible 168d
P. Mandible1108Small P. Mandible 168d

After Action Report 11.02.2018

+++Starts+++Who: Knight 1, Knight 2, Razor 1, Razor 2Where: Afghanistan, Lythium, LimariWhat: Locate and destroy weapon cache containing RPG's and ammunition.Description:Ground elements moved from MOB Kalae Noowi in convoy with two Coyotes passing...
Small P. Mandible 188d
P. Mandible1104Small P. Mandible 188d