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Situational Report #3

C. Tucker / Feb 26, 2018 / Operational Updates
Good news and bad news.

Good news first, Anchor (Hamza Merab) has been successfully extracted from Libya. He's currently safe in Imrali, fed, and on a full medical recovery from his extensive torture right before we got him in Maradah. He gave us the intel we needed, and after doing some verification's in Langley we can mark his intel down as credible.

For bad news - well, here's the story - the intel leads us to Mogadishu, Somalia. That's right, Black Hawk Down Mogadishu. This is where a major ISIL weapon dealer and financier Abd al-Bari Dawud is located. He's a tier 1 HVT, and has been on a hit list in Langley for 3 years now, and we've finally got his location. Dawud (callsign Drake) is in the top 5 most valuable money-making assets to ISIL, and the most valuable in Africa. Roughly 62% of ISIL's funding is through him.

Now for the situation in Mog. The city still isn't in full control of any good guys, and at this rate we don't exactly know who the good guys are outside of the UN/NATO task force in the area. Drake himself controls a majority of Mog. He's considered a local warlord, and that's a big contributor to his finance to ISIL. He's got a good few thousand ISIL and local militia fighters loyal to him, all inside the city and it's outskirts.

However, we don't have anything solid on his exact location - so we'll have to spend a week or so in country doing some fieldwork to get his location down. Once we got an exact fix, we will be authorized to perform a take down raid on Drake. Assassination, no room for mercy, no need to have him alive. He's top of the food chain.

That's it for now gentlemen. The entire Task Force needs to be deployed to Mog - we need all the firepower we can get. We have control of the airport, so that will be your home. There's no surprise Americans or Brits are there.

You guys wanna know what hell on earth is like? It's 10 times better than Mog.


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