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Operation Wild Arrow V

J. Baago / Mar 18, 2018 / Operational Updates
---- AAR WILD ARROW V ----

U.S Forces overwatched HVT DRAKE hotel in Mogadishu.
When night time came, and he still did not leave the hotel so the decision was made to infiltrate the city and neutralize him.
Slow and methodical infiltration of the city was undertaken succesfully.
RAZOR-2 set-up overwatch in neighbouring house to DRAKE hotel.
RAZOR-1 raided the compound, and succesfully neutralized DRAKE.
One operator was killed in the breach.
Subsequent hectic exfiltration of the city began, and two more operators were KIA.
Mission success criteria met.

---- END OF AAR ----

Zeus notes: Good atmosphere, enjoyable. But AI can see at night and perform arma-hip-shooting-to-the-face?
Overestimating force capability, assaulting city at night, without any support is very very dangerous and shouldn't be performed without some cover in the form of drone, QRF, AC130 etc.

Unit notes: Amazing job to all of you, you are exceptionally good.



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