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Takistan Fails To Respond To United Nations Demands

H. Warfield / Apr 06, 2018 / Political Update
Two days ago UN issued an official ultimatum to Takistan Republic, containing a list of several actions that Takistan has to take in order to fix their relationships with the United Nations and most importantly to prove that they are not supporting a terrorist organization or have any chemical weapons in the country.

However Takistan has not responded in any way since the ultimatum was sent to them, they have virtually cut all ties to the countries that signed the ultimatum.

Takistan had to respond until April 6th, since they have failed to do so United Nations called an emergency meeting and voted that an armed intervention needs to take place, if all political means fails, since Takistan did not even try to explain or defend itself, thus de facto confirming that the accusations were true.

United Kingdom has been declared as country in command for armed intervention, since during attacks on Altis several ambassadors were taken hostage who were from NATO countries, UK will lead NATO contingent consisting of elements from all NATO countries.

The exact date or whether this intervention will actually happen is still unknown, we have information that politicians are still trying to resolve this matter without armed intervention.

David Mattock, AAN.

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