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USS Freedom Arrives In Persian Gulf!

H. Warfield / Apr 08, 2018 / Political Update
Early yesterday morning USS Freedom aircraft carrier has arrived in Persian Gulf, what people believe is a preparation for invasion of Takistan Republic by NATO troops.

Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria has condemned this action stating that: "United Nations has made a mistake accusing Takistan of harboring chemical weapons, which we know they do not have, this is merely a second Iraq, where United States made - up a reason to invade a sovereign state. If NATO and it's allies will carry out these attacks, we promise that we will support Takistan in political scene and with other means".

"With other means" currently we are only left to guess what that means, whether these nations wil support Takistan with weapons or manpower or is it simply an empty threat, time will tell.

For now political dialogue is still being held between UN and Takistan, however as we are informed it is not going too well.

We will keep you updated.

David Mattock, AAN.


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