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H. Warfield / Apr 09, 2018 / Political Update
During the night from Sunday to Monday NATO forces have began attacks against Takistan Republic in the Aliabad region.

The details are currently pretty scarce, however what we know is that the attacks began with destroying Anti-Air weapons on an oil rig 3 kilometers from the shore of Takistan, after the oil rig was captured, United States Marines and yet unnamed special forces troops began their assault on the land.

At this point we have reports that NATO forces have secured the beachhead and several towns in that area. Several artillery positions were destroyed and Takistan Republics forces in the area suffered a decisive defeat losing several tanks, APC's, and more than 50 soldiers with another 20 captured.

The reports from the UN Assembly shows that Takistan did not actually expect the attack to happen, thus only now they are organizing proper defence, and in the words of Takistan Leader General Haazim el-Ben: "NATO dogs will soon face our wrath and will regret ever stepping on our soil, Takistan will stand free, it will stand with no westerner holding his hands around our throat TAKISTAN WILL STAND STRONG!" After the speech Takistan announced that they are leaving United Nations.

The Nations that voted against the invasion has already condemned the actions of NATO and already began organizing humanitarian aid and military grade supplies to be transported to Takistan to repel what they call an unsanctioned invasion of a sovereign nation based on false assumptions and accusations. They called this the biggest mistake of the 21st century.

We will upadate you once we learn more.

David Mattock, AAN.


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