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Battlefield: Takistan

H. Warfield / Apr 28, 2018 / Political Update
Three weeks ago NATO forces have invaded Takistan Republic. At this point in time the region of Aliabad has been completely captured by NATO forces. Compared to what is going on now, Aliabad can be compared to a smiple stroll in a park. As the frontline has moved into Reshmaan province, Takistan Forces started showing teeth. Where the Allies were able to beat unprepared Takistani Forces in Aliabad, in Reshmaan however they met a coordinated, well supplied and trained Force.

One high ranking German officer has this to say: "We understand that Takistan didn't really believe that the invasion will actually happen, thus we were able to overpower them with ease, now, however we see that they finally understood what is happening. From the opposition that we are meeting, i can surely say that Reshmaan will be a hell of a hard job to complete, the enemy is well prepared, motivated, supplied, they now the area well, so they are putting up quite a fight. We however will not stop, not even for one second until we accomplish what we came here for."

As almost a month has passed since the invasion, only a small portion of Takistan has been captured, military analysts speculate that there is no way that Takistan could hold such force on their own. There are numerous reports of massive Russian and Irani logistical operation happening in neighbourhing Chernarus. We are led to believe that they are actually supplying Takistan with Small arms, Tanks, Munitions and other supplies. On Russian social media vkontakte there are also pictures of what we believe might be Russian troops in Takistan, this however is left unconfirmed for now.

Takistan Loyalist Force, which originated in Aliabad, has also became quite a powerhouse. With NATO back up and supplies, TLF has managed to attract more people to their side. As civilians continue to flee the capital of Zargabad, and Central Takistan, most of them either run to neighbouring countries or move to Aliabad or Reshmaan and join others in TLF.

One of the problems that NATO an UN is currently facing is that they have still been unable to find proof of Chemical weapons or other ties to Islamic Vanguard, Takistani political scene remains silent, as they are not commenting on anything that is going on, it's as if they are preparing something big.

David Mattock, AAN.


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