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British And American Special Forces Operators Killed

H. Warfield / May 03, 2018 / Political Update
Few hours ago reports have surfaced that one British and one American special forces operators were killed in vicinity of Sa Diyah, Reshmaan, Takistan. Initial reports state that soldiers from a classified unit which is currently a part of Task Force North was operating near the city of Sa Diyah on a reconnaissance mission.

It is currently unknown how these soldiers were spotted, but an overwhelming force was mustered to kill them, including BTR's, MI24 helicopters, and over 100 soldiers.

The group of soldiers which got surrounded managed to break through the encirclement using air and artillery support, even though two operators were killed in a firefight, they still managed to inflict serious damage to the Takistani force.

Currently both British and American governments stated that identities of these soldiers will not be revealed to the public, as the only people who will be informed about it, will be their relatives and loved ones.

Experts speculate that these soldiers might've been members of a secretive Joint British and American Task Force which is made of elite operators.

This is not the first time that NATO and it's Allies forces were pushed back, last week Israeli tanks were halted during the push to Southern Reshmaan and were forced to pull back, as well as just this week American forces lost several Abrams tanks and there are some information that four marines were captured.

Russia, Iran and Takistan leadership are said to plan a meeting next week in Chernarus, to decide what peaceful measures can be taken to force NATO and UN out of Takistan. As this conflict is nearing a month, and body count keeps rising, western nations are still unable to find more proof of Chemical weapons or ties to Islamic Vanguard.

David Mattock, AAN.


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