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War Reaches Zargabad

H. Warfield / May 10, 2018 / Political Update
As war in Takistan continues and grows more bloody with each day, probably none of the fights that has already happen can come into comparison to what is currently happening in the capital city of Zargabad.

The current leader of Takistan Republic General Haazim el-Ben has adressed his nation in a public speech four days ago, this was his first public appearance and first official speech since the invasion by NATO forces.

Haazim el-Ben, said : "People of Takistan, these vile invaders, who came to our home to destroy what we have built with our bare hands, blood and sweat, have met their equal on the battlefield, we showed them that we will not be defeated easily, our allies have aided us with all the means that we needed to halt and push back the enemy! We will not fall, we will not surrender, we will fight and we will come out victorious, we will show the entire world that UN and NATO are rotten at their core, they accused us of having and using chemical weapons, they accused us working with some terrorists, yet they failed to find any proof! I promise you, my citizens, that they will pay with the blood of their men, women and children, i promise you this."

Several hours after the speech French, and Spanish tanks came into the vicinity of Zargabad. German artillery began firing on enemy positions, British airforce began bombing enemy held airfields, supply depots and bases. Few hours after that American, Italian, Canadian and Australian troops have began their assault on Zargabad.

At the moment of writing this news report we have reports of massive firefights happening all around Zargabad, and with each passing hour NATO troops gain more and more ground, slowly making their way towards the city itself.

Once the news reached the outside world Russian and Iranian officials urged for NATO to stop their assault on the city, stating that what they are doing is simply fighting under false accusations and commiting the biggest war crime in the last 50 years.

French Général de brigade Jean-Luc Bordeaux said that : "We have held proof of Takistan being guilty of our accusations both on Chemical weapons and connections to Islamic Vanguard, we will show the world the proof once we will be 100% sure that, that information will not put any of our operations in danger."

Right now since the start of Zargabad offensive Red Cross reported that at least 150 Takistani soldiers are already dead, with numerous losses to armoured assets as well, while allies have lost 56 soldiers and few tanks.

David Mattock, AAN.


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