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Brazilian Armed Forces to launch large scale offensives against Sinaloa Cartel holdings throughout the country

J. Graafland / May 14, 2018 / Political Update
Earlier today the newly elected president of Brazil Eduardo Villas announced that the country's military will be deployed in the rural areas of Brazil to conduct large scale combined arms offensives in an effort to snuff out the Sinaloa cartel and put an end to it's operations.

This statement came after a series of car bombings and atrocities committed by the militant cartel as it's ever more violent and bold gunmen roam the streets of rural towns seemingly unopposed by law enforcement as they oppress the populace, all the while spreading chaos to the already unstable major cities with a series of car bombings and drive-by shootings during protests.
With the heavily underfunded police force powerless to stop the violent militants the government has seemingly finally had enough as they seek to deploy the armed forces to combat the violent militias. In an effort to reinstate the rule of law within the country, stabilize the countryside and put an end to the cartel's terror and drug campaigns thousands of soldiers and several dozen fightercraft are poised to begin offensive operations within the week.

However many are worried about the, seemingly hastily announced and planned, operation as the military too has been struck by a series of budget cuts and sackings that have led to severe equipment and manpower shortages within all branches of the military which has caused many to believe the military will not be able to sustain any kind of prolonged offensive operations in the rugged terrain of the Brazilian country side nor hold on to any territorial gains they may make against the cartel. Experts believe this could have severe consequences for the military and it's offensives should the militia's offer stiffer resistance than the army is seemingly anticipating.

Therefore whether or not the announced offensive will be a success remains to be seen however one thing is for certain, in the coming days the Brazilian countryside will be transformed into an active warzone.

David Mattock, AAN.


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