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US advisors to help rebuild and retrain Brazilian army after devastating losses in recent offensive

J. Graafland / May 22, 2018 / Political Update
After the heavy losses suffered by the Brazilian army in it's recent offensive against the militant Sinaloa cartel a pentagon spokesperson announced today that US military personnel will be deploying in and advisory and training role within the country to help rebuild the devastated military structure and to train the Brazilian forces in counter insurgency and IED tactics that the US has constructed based on previous war experiences.

The pentagon believes these trainings and doctrines will proof to be a prime factor in re-establishing government control in the region during a second offensive however it reassured the public, afraid of another long dragged out campaign like Afghanistan, that US forces will be playing a strictly advisory role and will not actively be taking part in ground combat. It has however stated that there will also be a detachment from the US airforce deployed to train with their Brazilian counter parts that could possible be involved in combat missions should, as the pentagon stressed, the safety of US personnel be threatened by the militants.

As of yet no new attacks have been made by either side of the conflict other than the odd couple airstrikes conducted by the Brazilians to try and halt the Cartel's process in establishing it's rule over the territory it controls however with the military, the government and the public in complete disarray after the failed offensive there is no end in sight to the crisis and whether or not the US advisors will be able to change this remains to be seen.

David Mattock, AAN.


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