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US ground forces to accompany Brazilian military forces in advisory roles during field operations

J. Graafland / May 28, 2018 / Political Update
So far the effect that the US advisors have had in the rebuilding efforts of the Brazilian military has not yet been confirmed. However it appears the Brazilian general staff is atleast positive about the matter and even wish to see the US involvement in the conflict expand to field operations in which the US advisors are to function in advisory roles to accompany the Brazilian soldiers as they try and contain the militant Sinaloa Cartel's operations.

There have been mixed responses to the Brazilian request as some critics fear this could lead to a prolonged deployment of US forces in yet another dragged out conflict overseas. Meanwhile supporters claim that these operations are vital in securing stability on the American continent and fear that without foreign aid the Brazilian state could be in severe danger.

These fears appear to be warranted as a report submitted by the military personal involved in the 'Impending Salvation' operation that was made public earlier today seemed to indicate the Cartel's presence and grip on their territory was severely underestimated.

Whether or not the US advisory role will be expanded to field operations remains to be seen however, one thing is for certain there is no easy answer to the Brazilian conflict.

/David Mattock, AAN.


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