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Number of US forces in Brazil in active combat roles to increase severely after tragic death of US Army Ranger Alexander Montez

J. Graafland / Jun 12, 2018 / Political Update
US officials announced earlier today that the amount of US forces and their responsibilities in 'Operation Impending Salvation' within the country of Brazil will be increasing tremendously following the militant Sinalaoa Cartel's brutal and deliberate murder of US Army Ranger Corporal Alexander Montez last week. Not only is the amount of US Army, Airforce and Marine personnel deployed to the South American country to increase they are also to actively join their Brazilian counterparts in combat operations and in some cases even lead them.

The Marine and Army personnel deployed are to actively support and lead the Brazilian armed forces in their renewed ground offensive against the militants while a squadron of the US Fourth Fleet was sent to join the Brazilian navy in an attempt to shut down the Cartel's smuggling income by searching for and engaging ships used by the cartel for smuggling. They will also be joining the US and Brazilian Airforce's fightercraft in their duties in both set up 'no fly zones' over cartel controlled territory, to prevent airborne smuggling, aswell as ground strike operations to destroy Cartel production sites, of narcotics and weaponry, and (training) bases.
While this effort to destroy the Cartel both economically and militarily officials announced today that 'Our best and toughest' will be joining Brazilian commandos in their ongoing efforts to find and eliminate high ranking Cartel leaders and cell bosses.

SOUTHERN COMMAND officials in charge of 'Operation Impending Salvation' theorized that the military defeats combined with economic losses and lack of leadership suffered by the Cartel in the coming months will soon go way over the paygrade of the average Sinaloa gunmen which would lead to the depletion of forces of and the eventual collapse of the Sinaloa Cartel within the year.

/David Mattock, AAN.


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J. McKay
Lets put them out for good this time plox, ty SOUTHCOM xoxo
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