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American commando claims he covered up POW executions; Supreme Court judge joins secretive Defence probe

J. Baago / Jun 25, 2018
An American commando says he is ready to go to jail for his role in what he says was the unlawful execution of atleast six prisoner of war in the ongoing war against the Sinaloa Cartel in Brazil.

The soldiers says he helped his two superiors cover up the shooting of six captives and wants those involved — including himself — to face punishment. His claims come as the ANN News reveals that a Supreme Court judge has begun hearing a broad range of allegations, including possible war crimes committed by a UK/US secretive special operations force.

"The particular incident that I was involved in resulted in six POW that we had captured actually being executed, murdered"

"I can't remember if he cut the cuffs off first, or if he cut the cuffs of after he shot them. That's the one point I can't remember there 'cause I wasn't looking. I didn't want to look.

"I turned around and the guys weredead. They had been shot through the forehead."

ANN has been unable to independently verify the claims.

Brazil's Chief Prosectur is assisting the Inspector General of the United States Army as he conducts a secretive and sweeping inquiry into the United States of America's elite troops, including possible breaches of the Geneva Convention.


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