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Personnel Update - Week 31

J. McKay / Aug 07, 2018 / Personnel Notices
Task Force Aspis,

Week 31 brought about yet another SFAS behind us and with it a new intake of personnel!

Please welcome the following:
  • PFC. M. Karnos - A veteran of MilSim environment and an ex-officer in the 75th RR (USSOCOM), Karnos comes off as a professional with a very dedicated attitude.
  • PFC. J. Thomas - Another veteran of Arma group and a friend of Tucker's, Thomas strikes everyone with a warm and friendly attitude, eager to learn and adapt to a brand new environment.

Our newest members are being temporarily assigned to CAG, B. Sqn, Team 1 under the leadership of MSG. Sperre.

Best regards,
Task Force Aspis HQ


H. Warfield
Welcome! Hooah!
M. Karnos
Hooah Warriors
S. Waller
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