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Task Force update 09/03/19

T. Ditch / Mar 09, 2019 / Operational Updates
Task Force Aspis,

First and most importantly technical Updates:

We have moved to a new Dedicated server, this allows Arma sync, much more Increased server performance and the use of Headless clients. The old server is still up but should not be used. A new Teamspeak server is also online, minimizing maintenance cost by hosting it on the dedibox. Channels and Permissions are work in progress for now but will updated over this weekend.

Units updates:

All Units will be Rotating out of Syria for home rotation and QRF duty effective today

Special Forces Support Group(SFSG) has formally been stood up as a part of the task force

The Royal Marine Commando contingent of SFSG F Company Group, provides specialist infantry support for UK Special Forces (UKSF) operations, both domestic and international.
This will be lead by Cpl W. Stephenson and will enable objectives not suitable for CAG’s or SAS’s smaller unit sizes (its a state of mind)

Task Force Aspis HQ


D. Miles
Invite link to new teamspeak: here.
M. Karnos
My state of mind feels already elevated.
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