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Welcome to Task Force Aspis,

Task Force Aspis is a military simulation unit that has been around since 2012. We have multiple years of experience in the military simulation community and members from all walks of life.

The unit is structured around a joint Multinational Task Force of operators from the British Special Air Service and American Combat Applications Group, supported by the Aviation Tactics Evaluation Group.

We pride ourselves in being considered one of the most realistic military emulation units; utilizing realistic training and tactics for an unparalleled standard in the immersive military simulation gameplay style.We work to create missions after real world events enriched with a cohesive backstory and realistic environment, equipment and situations.

We currently actively operate the following units

22 Special Air Service
Alpha Squadron two troop(Air) is the SAS part of the task force, masters of airborne and freefall insertion HALO(high altitude low opening) HAHO(High altitude high opening)
Tasked with operations such as Counter Terrorism, Special Reconnaissance, Asset protection and foreign internal defense(FID) and precision strike operations

Potential candidates to the unit will attend an Assessment and selection day if seemed suitable they will then progress on to unit training consisting of Jungle phase and employment training and finally an Assessment Phase. These phases will teach essential unit skills such as Small unit tactics, combat drills, patrol techniques and Recce skills.

Upon successful completion of all phases, candidates will be badged as Trooper and assigned to a patrol,further training modules will be done after such as Patrol skill qualification, Air assault and Airborne school.

US Army Combat Applications Group
CAG specializes mainly in Counter terrorism and Direct Action. Such missions often involve elimination of HVT’s and Hostage Rescue. Sharp precision and excellent unit cohesion are some of CAG’s main focuses, therefore training and always improving ourselves a large part of this experience.

OTC: The pipeline for CAG is a 3-day course with around 2 hours of game time each day. During this course, candidates will be trained in SUT, CQB and MOUT over the first two days. On the third day, they will make use of what they learned in the prior exercises. This is referred to as Gold Phase. Upon graduation of the OTC, the candidates will be assigned to their respective teams and will be qualified to deploy with them.

Take a look through the following information
  • Task Force Description & Unit Capabilities
  • Event times (training, campaign missions & fun ops) starting around 1800 CE(S)T
  • 1 day of Assessment and selection followed by a 3 day Qualification event (8 hours total)
  • Multiple Military school to hone your skills
  • In-house modding, detailed white & black SOF Campaigns

TFASPIS is first and foremost a community of players that share the same principles,ideas and mindset that form the core of Military Simulation gaming. If you have the motivation, dedication and aspiration to defy all odds, challenge and improve yourself then TFASPIS is your home.