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Welcome to Task Force Aspis,

This is your first step in becoming a member of our Joint Task Force, comprised of SMUs from the UK and US Armed Forces. While the door is open wide for everyone, only qualified and motivated applicant will make it through.

Take a look through the following information
  • Task Force Description & Unit Capabilities
  • Event times (training, campaign missions & fun ops) starting around 1830 CE(S)T
  • 1 day of Assessment and selection followed by a 3 day Qualification event (8 hours total)
  • Multiple Military school to hone your skills
  • In-house modding, detailed white & black SOF Campaigns

TFASPIS is first and foremost a community of players that share the same principles,ideas and mindset that form the core of Military Simulation gaming. If you have the motivation, dedication and aspiration to defy all odds, challenge and improve yourself then TFASPIS is your home.