Task Force Aspis


We are an English speaking Military Simulation group. Our campaigns are always supported by an extensive backdrop of realistic background stories based on real geopolitics. This backdrop creates immersion and a sense of your efforts coming together in a bigger picture and you making an actual difference.


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Q: How can I apply into Task Force Aspis?
A: When you have read through the FAQ and packages for the units you are interested in, just press Apply in the top-right menu of this webpage.

Q: Do all units play at the same time and server?
A: It depends on the mission, some missions will have multiple units working together, sometimes they’ll be on their own. Depends on the scale of the tasking but we all play at the same time.

Q: How often do training’s and operations take place?
A: Operations take place on Sunday’s at 1800UTC / 1300EST, and trainings are held whenever best suits those involved.

Q: Are there any exceptions for the age limit?
A: We have given probation periods in the past for 17 years old. Send an application in and we will go from there.

Q: Whats your policy on dual clanning?
A: We do not accept those who are members of other units. However, exceptions are made for communities such as Altis/Tanoa (etc.) life servers, WW2, Star wars as long as they do not affect your activity within Task Force Aspis.

Q: How many members do you average per operation?
A: 60-70 spread across multiple servers.

Q: How will I be informed that my application has been reviewed?
A: A J1 recruiter from the sub-unit you have applied will contact you reply to your application if you have been accepted or denied. Furthermore, if accepted your J1 representative will coordinate an interview date with you.

Q: What in game mode settings and vision modes used?
A: Realism & first person only. There is no third person allowed.

Q: What radio mod do you use?
A: We use ACRE2.

Q: Is Task Force Aspis EU or NA based
A: Task Force Aspis is EU based

Q: Are there strict loadout kits in Task Force Aspis?
A: Depends, we bring the things that are required for the mission. Usually there are a few different options to choose from in terms of weapons platform, as far as attachments go, you can use what you like.

Q: Does the application say AT LEAST 100 words or MAXIMUM 100 words?
A:You must have entered at least 100 words, if not your application will be placed on hold until the minimum word count requirement has been met.

Q: Whats the difference between assaulter and operator?
A: Operator is a position, Assaulter is a profession. They’re one and the same in this unit, for the most part. Not every operator is an assaulter, but every assaulter is an operator. For example, JTF2 has S Troop, which is snipers and JTACs, they wouldn’t be assaulters, but they are operators. We also have A troop, which is the assault troop of JTF2, wherein they are all assaulters.