1. Code of Conduct

All members are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct:
I will to the best of my ability always behave professionally.
I will be loyal to the group and loyal to my comrades.
I will take responsibility for my actions and comments.
I will respect everyone regardless of se. This includes members and players from other units. If I have a personal issue, I shall present it my IC through the Chain of Command

2. Attendance Policies

Enlisted Personnel in the unit must attend a minimum 50% of Mandatory events.

Always post your attendance in a timely fashion, if you cannot attend post a Leave of Absence (LOA) report no later than 24 hours before the event. Failure to do so will result in an AWOL notice. Mandatory events are to have the sign-up function disabled.

If your attendance has dropped below 50% you will receive a warning and a two-week notice to correct your readiness level – failure to do so will result in a discharge without the possibility to reapply.
Element mid-week trainings are to be held every second week, with precise order and guidelines on how to do so found in our forums, in the Notice Board section.

Mandatory events are the following – Operations, Home Rotations, MRXs, FTXs, Platoon and Section trainings. These are typically run at 06:00 PM BST, on dates announced 7 days prior, and are not routine. The only routine reoccurring mandatory event is Sunday operations.
Do not set attendance as maybe for mandatory events. Either yes, or post an LOA.

If you do not show up to a mandatory event which you have no LOA for, you will receive an AWOL (Absent Without Leave) report. The report is written into your attendance record permanently and can only be removed if a proper reason for desertion is presented.If you for some reason was incapable of posting an LOA in time, inform your superior as fast as possible afterwards.While your AWOL will never be removed from your attendance record its effect on your career and attendance level does expire three months after it is reported.If you receive two AWOL’s you will receive a warning and a two-week notice to correct your readiness level – a third AWOL will result in military dishonorable discharge without the possibility to reapply for 3 months following.