3. Disciplinary Policies

All personnel are expected to behave respectfully, maturely professionally towards their fellow comrades and ICs throughout their entire stay in the unit.
TFA is a volunteer unit,when in game all members are to act seriously and keep an effort to retain immersion when possible.we “role-play” being members of the military by emulating their conduct and kit in a simulated combat environment. A mission may not take the same approach every time, and we expect seriousness, maturity and dedication to the campaigns and any official event TFA undertakes, and failure to respect that goal will lead to your membership in the unit to be jeopardized. The reason was why you are here, is because immersive realism is the type of experience you are looking for.
No rank-calling is required at any time,but keep in mind who is your superior. You will be reprimanded if you decide to disrespect anyone just because you feel like it.
Attend Mandatory Activities in good time so that you are ready to move out at exactly 1800 BST.
At any point you must follow the directions of officers and non-commissioned officers in the group
Never post/spread anything racist, sexist, hateful or disrespectful. The consequence is a Non-Jucidial-Punishment with Dishonorable Discharge upon subsequent violations. Going too far or for too long is when an issue arises.
The group expects all personnel to behave maturely and honorably when representing the unit elsewhere.
You should only utilize our modpack from the Arma 3 Sync Repository on our game serves (both the operational and the training one). Using client-side add-ons is forbidden.
Multi Unit / Dual Clanning Policies
Multi Arma unit membership is not accepted.
other Communities such as Altis/Tanoa (etc.) life servers or WW2 are allowed as long as they do not affect your activity within Task Force Aspis. (eg. You go AWOL for a mandatory event because you are playing with that community)